In our two logistics centers located in Ołtarzewo at Południowa 2 St. and in Konotopa at Rajdowa 9 St., we run our own pharmaceutical warehouses meeting all requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law and DPD. Within the scope of our authorizations, we provide logistic services to our contractors in the field of: Handling product deliveries; Storage of medicinal products (...)


Cooperation with PHOENIX Pharma Polska gives our partner the opportunity to reach customers on the pharmaceutical market in Poland. We specialize in distribution to pharmaceutical wholesalers, as well as selling drug products directly to pharmacies and hospitals. We support our Partners in introducing their products into the Polish market, we help them prepare the strategy and build (...)


PHOENIX in Poland has been successfully supporting its partners for many years to implement a business model based on its own pharmaceutical wholesale business. For this purpose, we ensure preparation of a warehouse, suitably adapted to the needs of our client, meeting the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law and DPD, equipped with the required systems and devices, such as e.g. HVAC, access control, alarm, CCTV, (...)


We import medicinal products on the basis of contractual agreements with responsible entities, manufacturers and other importers on the basis of authorization issued by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector. We make it possible to market in Poland medicinal products manufactured outside the European Union providing certification of the series (...)


In our center in Oltarzew we have launched a warehouse for samples of medicinal products meeting DPD requirements. The warehouse is a physically separate area where temperature and humidity are monitored around the clock and other parameters as for a pharmaceutical warehouse are maintained (systems and devices compliant with DPD). We offer storage of free samples of medicinal products not for sale in a setting (...)


We offer a wide range of additional services where our customers can take advantage of eCommerce services, sales and marketing support as well as professional financial and IT services provided by experienced experts with many years of experience.